Getz Baltic Group

Getz group companies operate in the Baltic States for over 20 years. Getz has become an important player in the car accessories market – synchronization and optimization of the management of the companies, which took place at the end of 2015, was the next logic step towards the development, and currently Getz companies in the Baltic States operate under the supervision of a unified management group.

Goal is the regional development and growth, as well as provision of good quality wholesale service, compliant with the dynamic demands of today’s market.
There are several tasks for us, but one of the most important ones – ability of accurate response to changes in demand and market development trends, thus increasing competitiveness of Getz group across the region.

Each company of Getz Baltic Group has a separate pre-defined task - Getz Nordic will concentrate on the implementation of regional policy, while Getz Lithuania and Getz Estonia will focus on the development of the local market of the relevant state.

Unified management of all three Baltic States means improvement in service and communication, as well as significant economy of partners’ resources – one meeting, one conversation, larger volume and, consequently, more powerful result. Simultaneously, it means a significantly growth of sales capacity, consequently, production capacity grows, too – Getz group is the most recognizable technical liquids producer in the higher end quality category in the Baltic States, and, from now on, we will offer unified trade marks in the Baltic market. Currently, total annual production volume in the Baltic States exceeds 1500 tons.

While implementing a unified supervision of the management group in all three Baltic States, a common marketing strategy has been also introduced, thus, providing greater campaigns for the promotion of product recognition and sales results. In close cooperation with the product producers, campaigns of various type are being implemented, both at ATL, and BTL level. Every Getz Baltic Group company has its own Facebook page, which is being updated with new information on products on regular basis: Latvia (Getz Nordic:, Estonia (Getz, Lithuania (Getz Lithuania: