• Simons Kozlinskis

    Member of the board

    A strategist who looks at life in a positive way with a smile on his face, while always keeping both feet on the ground. Simons leads the company boldly and with a steady hand towards achieving its ambitious goals.

  • Kairi-Kristlin Bramanis

    +372 612 0072


    Since starting as a sales secretary, Kairi has seen our company from almost every angle over time. Thanks to this she is familiar with every nuance of the company and the dynamics of its operations, which despite seeming chaotic to the unenlightened are very well though through. Kairi has a cheerful and clever piece advice for every situation in the company. Behind the twinkle in her eye is a stern but fair controller who is fired into action by every mistake and inconsistency.

  • Tiit Tondi

    +372 505 2297

    Sales manager, Tallinn

    A sales star with exceptional skills in self-expression, Tiit has extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the products and services in his field. He is a capable, realistic and consistent leader who always achieves the goals he sets – and requires everyone else to do the same.

  • Sulo Rebane

    +372 503 9692

    Sales manager, Tartu

    The experiences Sulo has gained working in our team since the foundation of the company grants every decision he makes a natural and self-explanatory level of respect. Based on his experience, he always gives expert advice and helps find the best products and solutions. This almost always comes with a subtle sense of humour with a little twist.

  • Mare Messer

    +372 736 2531

    Sales secretary

    Speed, accuracy and competence flow from Mare’s speedy fingers into our information systems and those of our partners every day. She is the heart of our company, beating fast and turning all of our activities into the perfect documents we need. When Mare is in the office, you can be sure that all the work will get done and any problems will be solved from the get-go.

  • Karin Ritson

    +372 736 2133

    Office manager

    Delving into every nuance is part of who Karin is: accuracy and detail are necessary in drawing up the documents used in her area and in analysing them. You will never be disappointed in the results.

  • Urmas Kidra

    A dutiful and hard-working achiever, Urmas is always there to help when the big problems need solving. His main job is to assist clients in arranging the display of goods in stores.

  • Rein Suits

    Warehouse worker, Tartu

    Dutiful and hard-working, Rein is the embodiment of competency in warehouse management. Friendly and helpful even in the most urgent and difficult situations, you can always count on him. His unique sense of humour emerges at just the right moment and always has its heart in the right place. Rein is an evergreen achiever in the best possible sense.