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Leading importer

Getz Eesti AS is the leading supplier and wholesaler of car maintenance supplies in Estonia. Its product range features a wide variety of merchandise, from car batteries and window cleaners to motor oils, coolants and car maintenance supplies.

The goal of Getz is to provide retailers, wholesalers and large-scale consumers with quality products from internationally renowned and highly valued brands.

Founded in 1993, the company has more than 500 loyal clients, both retailers and wholesalers, including petrol station and supermarket chains, car dealerships, car washes and transport, agriculture, forestry and industrial companies.

Since 1996 it has also been involved in marketing hair and skin care products. Representing different international brands, it has concentrated on providing a range of natural products that use as many natural and hypoallergenic ingredients as possible. The products are available in department stores around Estonia, as well as cosmetics stores, markets, nature stores and online (www.puhaskosmeetika.ee).

It has dealerships in Tallinn and Tartu and organises deliveries of products to clients across Estonia from its warehouse in Tallinn. It regularly organises product training events and seminars for clients, carries out a range of marketing activities and supports its clients’ campaigns.

“Getz Eesti” is a member of the group of companies “Getz Baltic”, which includes also the Latvian (“Getz Nordic”) and Lithuanian (“Getz Lithuania”) companies, thus providing full covering of range and supply of goods throughout the Baltic States. Information on “Getz Baltic” Latvian and Lithuanian companies can be found on the homepages www.getz.lv and www.getz.lt, respectively.

More than anything, Getz values faithful, long-term cooperation with its loyal clients.


Getz Eesti AS is a marketing and distribution company that was founded in 1993. It is involved in importing and distributing car products on the Estonian market. There is a large variety of car and chemical products in its product range, which is targeted towards both retail and end users. Along with its Latvian and Lithuanian sister companies – SIA Getz Bros. & Co. (Latvia) in Rīga and UAB Getz Medical Baltic in Kaunas – Getz Eesti AS forms part of one of the leading groups of companies marketing car supplies and car chemical products in the Baltic region.

Getz currently represents a number of well-known international brands on the Estonian market, including Turtle Wax, Clean Plus, Super Help and Astonish (car cosmetics), Osram (car lamps), Champion/ Federal Mogul, Trico (window cleaners and spark plugs), Sunoco (motor oils and lubrication), Pressol (oiling and lubrication devices and garage supplies), Concept Chemicals (professional car cleaning supplies), Wynn's (petrol and motor oil supplements and garage supplies), WD-40 (universal lubricant), Dt. O.K Wack (car chemicals), Midac, Stayer (batteries) and Wunderbaum (air fresheners). For many years the company has been working with manufacturers and suppliers from Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, China, Finland, Sweden and other countries.

In addition to imported brands, Getz offers a range of its own products which includes window cleaners, coolants, soak wash liquids, tar stain removers and other car-cleaning chemicals. 

Getz Eesti AS was the first car supply importer in Estonia to launch extensive marketing of car products in supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centres. Thanks to its complete and well-thought-through range, along with its effective distribution network and systematic marketing, it has managed to become the market leader in these commercial segments, capable of supplying the full solutions and car products the aforementioned trade companies need. Its goal is the systematic analysis and improvement of its range according to trends on the market. It has consistently worked towards the more extensive use of EDI solutions in cooperation with large retail chains. As proof of its continued innovation and provision of the best service, it has developed and implemented the first car trade VMI solution in Estonia.