• WD-40 assortment expands

    High Performance White Lithium Grease. This is a thicker solution which provides long term lubrication that won’t drip nor run.

  • Manufacturing of a new series of antifreeze and batteries is being commenced

    Following the market tendencies, the company “Getz Eesti” has commenced distribution of budget class antifreezes and trade of batteries. The brand called Nordline represents antifreezes, while Nordic Power carries the name of batteries, thus, from now on, labelling a composition of high quality components in the market. Reacting to the demand-related market tendencies, budget class antifreeze Nordline will be available to the buyers in all three Baltic States.

  • Before it gets dark

    In autumn and winter the majority of drives are made in dim or dark. Poor transparency of a vehicle headlight cover can reduce the length and intensity of the light beam and the journey becomes more dangerous. Turtle Wax offers a solution to this problem. Headlight restorer combines the ease and speed of liquid restorers with the effectiveness of restoration pads to restore plastic headlight lenses.

    Headlight lens clarity will improve with proper use of this kit. Cracked, micro-cracked, severely pitted, water logged from the inside or severely weathered headlights may not return to the original condition.

  • Extended Life Antifreeze in Estonian Market

    The new Extended Life Antifreeze G12+ came into the Estonian market in summer 2015 to continue the successful Turtle Wax® antifreeze series. It stands out on store shelves with its yellow colour and brand Turtle Wax.

    The new antifreeze is the highest quality extended life organic acid inhibitor technology (OAT) ethylene glycol coolant for internal combustion engines. It is suitable for cooling systems with metal and lightweight metal alloy parts. It provides protection against freezing (up to –36 °C), corrosion and overheating for at least five years or up to 250 000 km run for passenger vehicles and up to 650 000 km run for commercial vehicles. The antifreeze cleans and protects the cooling system, preventing the formation of scale deposit during its entire life cycle.

  • The most correct way to wash your car

    Time for a shower!

    First, the body must be rinsed removing mud and dirt. Thus, the car will be cooled, and possibility of appearance of stains will be decreased upon rapid drying of shampoo on part of the body. In order to wash the car as perfectly as possible, a separate sponge will be useful for the dirtiest parts, thus reducing the risk of scratch of body and lamps with sand and salt grains. A piece of suede should be timely prepared – the larger it is, the quicker it will remove the spare water after rinse. Use of PVA synthetic leathers or flannel towel is an alternative, although this will prolong the process. After the rinsing, it is recommended to move the car a little, in order to avoid accumulation of the discharged water in the brake block and promotion of rusting.

  • Buy Turtle Wax car care products and receive a great holiday offer!

    Summer has just begun — that’s a great reason to take care of your car with good quality car care products and to plan some adventures in Estonia and outside its borders. Turtle Wax gives such an opportunity to customers! During June and July buy any of the car care products of this brand in “Statoil” gas stations and “Selver” stores and receive coupons for various leisure activities.

  • Universal oil WD-40 spring lottery – one product with over 2000 uses

    During 1-30 April a promotion of universal oil WD-40 ran in “Selver” and “K-Rauta” stores. During this time any purchaser of the product could participate in a lottery and win “K-Rauta” or “Selver” 30 or 35 Euro gift cards. At the end of the promotion 10 lucky participants were awarded with the gift cards.

    As we all know, the universal oil WD-40 stands up to its title because this oil has over 2000 applications — it is truly universal and yet it can handle specific problems of household appliances and machinery with ease. You can get more information about the 2000 applications in the official fan website of WD-40:

  • Turtle Wax® prewash labels redesigned

    Starting from the spring season in 2015, Turtle Wax® prewash has been supplied with a new and more eye-catching label.

    However, inside is still the good old cleaning agent for cars, boats, lawn mowers and more, as effective as it ever was.

    Spray it on the body of the vehicle before going into a car wash or using a high-pressure cleaner and it will be cleaned in less time and with greater ease.

  • Trico wipers in Estonia!

    Since October 2014 Getz Eesti AS has been the official importer and distributer of Trico wipers in Estonia.

    Trico's products includes wiper blades for cars, trucks and buses. Its broad range is characterised by guaranteed quality thanks to first-rate materials and innovation.

    Online catalogue: