Car brands


    Turtle Wax is number one in the car care world, offering the widest range of car wash and car care products. Continuous research and development sees new products introduced to the market constantly. With unquestionable quality, verified in innumerable tests, Turtle Wax products have earned the highest customer appraisal and loyalty you could ever dream of.

    Osram is the most popular lighting manufacturer and original spare-part supplier to major car makers and headlight manufacturers. There is no difference in quality between the bulbs supplied to the OEM and the aftermarket. Osram is continuously working on the development of standard lamps to improve the durability, brightness and lifetime of bulbs, as well as to provide drivers with greater comfort.

  • TESA

    A German company and a member of the Beiersdorf group, Tesa offers all kinds of insulating, repairing and reinforcing self-adhesive tape. Its focus on innovation at the research and development stage of production is the essence of this premium range of products.


    Henkel is the global market leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings for consumers, craftsmen and industrial applications and offers a multitude of applications to satisfy the needs of different target groups – from regular consumers to industrial businesses.
    It all began on 22 June 1923 when the very first delivery of adhesives left the Henkel facility in Düsseldorf in Germany. This milestone marked the birth of a business segment in which Henkel is now the world leader.


    Pressol is the leading manufacturer of lubrication and garage equipment technology operating worldwide. They manufacture 83 million parts and pieces for more than 2500 original products. Based on Pressol’s comprehensive range of standard products they offer a customer-oriented solution meeting almost any lubrication requirement.


    The tree-shaped air freshener Wunder-Baum® is the most recognised air freshener in the world. In line with its classic paper trees of different colours, designs and fragrances, there are liquid fresheners with a unique fragrance evaporation system. All of these products come in cool designs and will decorate any car or room.


    Professional car care chemicals and coatings from England that comply with the most rigorous European standards. Designed for those who work on cars for a living in car wash bays, showrooms, polishing workshops and garages. Since its foundation in 1987, Concept Chemicals & Coatings has grown to excellence and is now recognised as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cleaning and appearance-enhancing products for professional users.


    The product range of this factory in Italy includes car cosmetics in aerosol packs, technical lubricants, winter products, tyre repair foam and silicon seals The Super Help concentrated product range includes the most important products in all of those categories in an affordable price range.


    Veropa was founded in 1965 in Austria, producing its first squeegee in 1968. Its range of products has since grown and it now produces ice-scrapers, snow-brushes and wash-brushes as well as all manner of accessories. One of its most important principles is product innovation: it launches several new products every year. Many of Veropa’s products are patented, and all of them are design-registered. Veropa is the first company worldwide to develop and commercialise an ice-scraper made from 100% biodegradable material.
  • WD-40

    WD-40 emerged from the aerospace industry, where the solvent was first invented to protect the outer skin of the Atlas Missile against rust and corrosion. After a couple of years of the product’s success in the industrial field, its creator, Norm Larsen, decided to offer an aerosol version as a multifunctional product for household use. The earliest sales of its legendary cans date back to 1958. Nowadays, WD-40 is used on most markets and in almost every branch of industry for its unique and versatile properties. One million cans of WD-40 are sold around the world every day.


    HEYNER® Germany is one of the leading German exporters for car wiper blades, accessories, spare parts, tools and child car seats Europe-wide and beyond. Thanks to consequent quality management and efficiant cost control, all products with the brand HEYNER® offer outstanding value for money quality. This allows the company to supply customers in more than 50 countries, from Europe up to the USA or Kazachstan.

    In 2001 the family company moved it´s head office from Berlin to Storkow (Brandenburg) – which is directly located near the A12 motorway – being one of the most important Trans-European traffic connections. The area is about 10.000 sqm large and includes the company head office as well as 6 modern production halls and warehouses. In these facilities, the experienced employees for product development/sourcing/quality control, sales, logistics and accounting assure quick and friendly service to the customers as well as reliable availability for all products.

    HEYNER® is the leading German premium brand for car accessories.